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Integrating essential oils with sensory planetary energies.

Revitalize your senses, with the mystical essences, aligned through celestial bodies.



Planet Girl customizes solutions to help transform your personal environment by using her knowledge of fengshui based on the ancient I-Ching.


Improve the spirit of your home with Yin/Yang balancing, room to room furniture placement, correct lighting, outdoor landscaping, and the function of hallways and entrances. With the proper use of colors, mirrors, crystals, fountains, and other fengshui tools to create harmony and Good Fortune.



The study of astrology broadens a person’s perspective in several ways.


To begin with, the symbols and language are based on archetypical solar geometry that divides human experience into a twelve fold mandala, the wheel of life, the Zodiac, which has its basis in the order of time marked off by the sun's annual definition of the four seasons.


The luminaries in the sky serve for the systematic division and arrangement of time. A careful and patient study of the discipline will help you obtain a clearer view of the cycles of life.

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Astromalas are an exact representation of any chart, using gemstones or crystal beads. The signs are defined by Yin (dark), and Yang (light), beads or gemstones.


 The Sun, Moon, and Planets are the places within their signs and represented by the colors of the chakras associated with those degrees.



Hakele Green has been a student of Astrology most of her life. She is the coordinator of the Maui Astronomy Club in Maui, Hawaii.


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